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My sealing, enhancing, grout dying plans

I had a tumbled travertine backsplash installed. Although the installers did not mention sealing it, I have read here that I need to.

Is this right: Use a solvent based impregnating enhancing sealer after a few days? They left a lot of grout haze so I am trying vinegar and water and that seems to be working okay, but I like the deeper color.

They were supposed to put a darkish brown unsanded grout on my granite countertop, but it dried very light. When wet, it's brown.

Is this right: Get a grout dye & sealer in the original color? (I read something about using vinegar and water on them, and it seems to have darkened them, but not much.

The installer said I did not need to seal the grout, since it was brown (?).

Also, some of the bullnoses he made are not polished enough, and are dull; some bullnosed edges are not quite flush with the adjacent ones. Can I have someone come out and polish these without removing them? Or is there something I can do/use to polish them? (I don't want to call the original installers because they botched things so many times I never want to see them again.)

One last thing -- the granite (called "Giallo Santo" but I can't find it online) does not absorb water or lemon juice, but this may be because it has some seal already on it. Does this mean I might need to seal the bullnoses?

Thanks so much!


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