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Adding a beam or sistering the joists under the first floor bathroom won't help the second floor bathroom. Or did I read something wrong in your last post?

You do not have to worry about the weight of the travertine on the Kerdi pan.

Use Exterior rated plywood, with no face grade less than C (A, B or C is fine, D is not). You can use Exposure 1 OSB, if you want. Don't forget that your subfloor will need 2 layers of plywood.

Kerdi will stick fine to drywall. A square foot of travertine weighs no more than a square foot of tile of the same thickness. The weight of the travertine will try to shear itself off the wall. However, even the worst thinset has many times more shear strength than you need. That said, you still want a good un-modified thinset mortar for this. The $5 a bag stuff at HD is not it. One last thing. Do not be tempted to pick at a corner of Kerdi to see if it sticks (except to check coverage while installing). You can do it, it will peal off, but that's not a good test. Like I said, tile will try to shear off the wall, not pick at a corner. Leave the Kerdi alone.

If the 1x2 split face is in a dry area (outside the shower and tub surround), you can set them on drywall, if you want. If they were inside the shower, I'd re-think my choice of tile. All those crevices will catch soap scum and be hard to clean. The tile will be hard to grout, too.

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