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Jason, your travertine floor tiles impose greater demands on your structure than simply it's weight. The deflection criteria for natural stone is twice as stiff as for ceramic tile. Chances of your floor meeting this criteria are slim, if stone floors were not specified during construction. To check to see if the joists are stiff enough, use the Deflecto tool (in dark blue tool bar above) and enter your joist information: size, spacing, and maximum unsupported span. The subfloor must also be stiffer than for a ceramic tile floor. The standard is 2 layers of plywood or OSB, with a minimum combined thickness of 1-1/4" and no layer less than 3/8" thick.

The ability of your house to carry the weight is not an issue. It won't fall down. However, it may bend enough to crack the travertine or the plaster ceiling below it. That's why we check the structure as the very first step in installing tile.
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