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So as an update, I am almost finished putting Kerdi up on the walls as well as the niche and bench. Also, set the drain, and backfilled it after the drain was set. Also, built the curb with just one row of house bricks.
I also picked out the tile and lucked out with the bullnose as it was available for me.

The tile is 12x12 and the bathroom floor tile is also 12x12 with 1/4 inch grout line.

1. So my first question is since I want to run with a 1/4 inch grout in the shower as well would I be okay using epoxy grout?

2. I would like to use granite for the top of the curb as well as the bench and the niche as well as 2 small corner shelves, I of course do not have the needed tools to cut and polish the granite so IF ANYONE READING THIS IN THE GREATER HOUSTON AREA HAS IDEAS LET ME KNOW PLEASE! I live just south of Houston and a local granite dealer told me it was a minimum of $175 per cut even on the scrap pieces. I couldnt believe it!!!!!
Thanks everybody for the help and advice thus far, you guys and girls are awesome. I will update with pics sometime tomorrow.
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