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I would recommend you patch the hole in the slab using a short section of 4" PVC pipe as a form around your riser pipe. You'll need to remove the 4" pipe before the concrete completely sets up, but after it's firm enough to keep its shape. Or you can use a 4" PVC coupling set flush with the grade of the floor and just leave it there. It's important that either be very well centered around your riser pipe so's your Kerdi drain will fit.

I never even consider installing a Kerdi drain until the shower is tiled, and sometimes grouted, from ceiling down to the floor with the exception of the bottom row of tile, so long as that allows at least four inches of space to finish my floor Kerdi to wall joint.

Look inna whirl-famous Liberry under Kerdi Drain for the dimensions for purpose of cutting your riser pipe come time to glue it in.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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