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Setting and Grouting Mosaics (incl. glass) Tiles

Here is a link to a glass tile Installation Guide from Oceanside. It does quite a nice job of explaining the key steps of a glass tile installation, including both setting and grouting. Large format tiles are covered as well as paper faced mosaics.

edit: Here's a link to Oceanside's installation resources. There's great info here about how to install glass tile.

Other Methods.
Additionally, here are links to some other discussions of setting glass tile, including the One-Step method which uses grout.

Laticrete's One-Step Method:
Laticrete's latest data sheet on installing glass mosaics.

edit: Laticrete now has powder grout colorants that can be added to color their thinsets. It's best to go to their site to get the latest information. Here's a link to their data sheet that currently has information about coloring their glass tile adhesive.

A Modified One-Step Method: Read down through Post #7.

Are These Methods Supported By Your Tile's Manufacturer?

These alternate methods can offer a time-saving departure from the traditional method of thin-setting, then grouting. And they also can eliminate the problem of the look of dried thin-set encroaching through a different colored grout. However, because glass tiles can vary in both thickness and some technical properties, make sure your manufacturer has approved the method for the tiles you are using. Different types of glass will have different setting requirements.

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