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Think you'll find the "compression shear" to be what's actually measured in the ceramic tile industry when we talk about shear bond strength. Generally used in shear bond testing with materials that aren't expected to deform during the test and the measured shear force is in the adhesive bond or the adhesive itself. The compression part of the description would come from the method of providing the force between the pieces. That's my understanding of it. The term compression shear is not one I grew up with and I don't know when it came into use.

Same would, I suppose, apply to materials such as construction adhesives when they were used to bond non-deforming materials. Seems to me there would be a difference there with wood members, where the adhesive bond would be capable of tearing off part of the wood in failure. Don't know all the ramifications of the test methods there.

The "pound force" unit is one I think is used somewhere other than here in the states. Don't know if a fella could convert results expressed in those units into PSI directly. We've got some engineering types hereabouts who can maybe 'splain such things in terms we can better understand. Well, terms maybe you could understand, anyway. Me, maybe not so much.

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