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Welcome, Dave.

Originally Posted by Dave
I was told to seal before grouting and then again after.
By whom?

If you're looking for grout release action, choose a grout release. If you just want a penetrating sealer, either of the Miracle products will suffice. You can seal before the grout release if you want. And you can seal after grouting if you want.

As for an enhancer (The Aqua Mix product), the only way you'll know just what effect it will have on your tile is to apply some of it to one of your tiles. Sometimes the effect is rather dramatic, sometimes much more subtle. The enhancer is also a penetrating sealer and if you want to use it you'll want to apply it before you apply any other sealer or grout release.

You do understand that using any of those sealers will not protect your stone form all sorts of stains? You will get some temporary protection (helpful if you clean up quickly) from some sorts of stains, but I recommend you don't think of them as full protection of your stone backsplash.

You might, if you are an adventuresome fella, caution Mrs. Dave to be a little more careful with her lovely new stone backsplash, eh?

My opinion; worth price charged.

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