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Up here in NH we have very few cases/deaths/hospitalizations but the other states around us, especially Massachusetts are not doing as well.

Unfortunately for me, I work in the live entertainment business, running two theatres in NH, a 1,300 seater and a 400 seater. We closed down on March 13 and have lost net revenue of over a million dollars so far. We were allowed to reopen at the end of June with reduced capacity - 300 in the big theatre and 100 in the smaller place. Financially, it doesn't work with reduced capacity.

Luckily, we were able to hit up our donors and we received a good chunk of funding from a non-profit emergency relief fund set up by our State, using federal dollars of course. We cut two thirds of our staff so only 8 of us left.

I took a 25% pay cut from March through July. Back to regular pay for now but until we can get back to full capacity and get people to come inside for shows we'll be barely hanging on.

Personally - we are doing well. No one in our family is sick, we downsized to a smaller place a couple of years ago and our finances are good. If I wanted to retire I could but I'd rather work. Just can't wait to get a bit more back to normal.
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