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Hi Steve,

That's a good impregnator that won't alter the tone or finish of the tiles. You don't have to seal before installation. You don't really even have to seal it before grouting but that might depend on the tile and the grout you have. To be safe, let's apply it after you've set it and the thin-set mortar has dried.

Apply the sealer generously with a brush or lambswool pad or even a cotton cloth saturated with it. (Dispose of these things safely later is solvent-based, yes?). Let it sit on the tile a few minutes (5-10) and wipe off the excess by buffing with dry terry towels. You should wipe off spills on the countertop as you go. After 12 hours or so, it is ready for grout. This first application will act well as a grout release agent. If you are using unsanded cement-based grout, you should repeat with the same method after a minimum of 3 days so that the grout has had time to cure a bit. This final coat will seal it all at once. Make sure to use dry towels to buff off the excess sealer properly. You want it in the polished stone, not leaving a film on top.

Sealing with an impregnator is very easy to do.
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