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Thanks for the further replies guys. The OCD path is a steep and rocky one--but you all already knew that.

On the 8' run of wall, which is reasonably straight and nowhere near the sink, I now think I'll just set the tile on the wallboard. However, the wallboard has an original texture coat that much of the mastic which was used to hold the old tile did not adhere to well. Any ideas on prep? Plaster Weld? Bubble gum?

The 12' run presents different problems. There, more of the paper pulled away. It delaminated leaving about half the thickness of the paper on the gypsum. There is a noticeable concave bow, 3/4"+ in 5' of wall that would require a lot of mud to level. I think I'll replace all of that board and might as well use CBU while I'm about it. I'll fur out the studs where needed, use plywood backing rips in the usual way only where the old board and the new are on the same plane and I have access to put screws through the old board, and block elsewhere.

Moral of the story: Check everything including the walls with a straightedge before having anyone install a counter top. I'll be glad to hear your advice.
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