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Pretty stuff! We don't see it as much in New England, but I saw more of it when I visited your beautiful state of Arizona.

I'd agree with Kman. Strip cuz it makes the surface better to receive new sealer. Just don't use heavy abrasive black nylon pads like they use to strip vinyl floors. Saltillo is fragile and heavy abrasion can break the outer crust of the tile.

I'm less sure which brand sealer. I like acrylics in general for Saltillo. They sell some durable solvent based acrylics that are flammable but OK to use outdoors. Had to grind one off a concrete floor once and it was murder to get off, leading me to think it's pretty darn durable. Had a decent shine, too. I bleeve it was a Brickform product, could look it up if you're interested.

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