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White Stains on Dark Grout

Hi Everyone,

I'm currently trying to clean some dark grout and having some issues. This is a tile countertop in a bonus room with a bar skin. The stains are white (see attached picture). I've read a fair bit about efflorescence and I don't think I have enough water exposure for this to be the correct root cause. I've owned this house for 18 months, the stains were present when we bought it, and I have no information on any historical details prior to my ownership.

I've tried to clean with TSP and a sturdy brush - this worked ok, but remnants of the white stains remain.

The picture is an area that I have not yet cleaned with TSP however.

Any ideas on what this might be caused by or best approach for cleaning? Also, for the theme of that area of the room, I actually want the grout to be as dark brown as possible, so any ideas to darken grout will be appreciated too.

Thank you, Dane
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