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Newbie Deflecto question and subfloor question.

Newbie with questions:
1. Does my deflecto number of 687 make sense?

2. What are recommendations for the subfloor?

3. For a first time tiler, is the Kerdi system recommended or something else? I have John's book and can follow directions, but if there is a more idiot proof way, I may want to go that route for my first time (but I do want to do this myself).

4. I just finished the demo for my first floor bathroom, have it down to studs, and want to make sure I'm starting off with a good base. The joists are great d.fir 2x10 on 16" centers. While the total length of the joists are about 15', the bathroom is about 11' long and there is a wall in the basement under the joists at 11' too. That is why I went with the 11' length.

5. Also, I've replaced the badly water damaged 1/2" plywood subfloor around the shower and toilet. Due to ductwork in the floor, there are are a few spots that I could not reinforce and are springy(just the plywood where not supported by joists). The original floor had ceramic tile over about an inch of concrete over lathe. Should I go back with concrete, or more plywood and cement board?

6. Finally, should I have split this into different threads?

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