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Originally Posted by CX
What was the supposed improvement?
Microsoft's bottom line, I imagine.

There were likely those who though Windows 3.1 was an unnecessary "improvement" over DOS.

There are features and security challenges that just cannot be addressed with old OS's. But of course new OS's often introduce security problems not found during development and the baddies are adept at sniffing those out. We, the consuming public, are the beta testers for all OS's, even the mature ones.

As far as anti-virus goes, cx, for how you likely use your machine Windows Defender is built into the OS and is pretty good, automatically updates, and is quite free. I wouldn't rely on it if you leave your pc running and connected to the internet 24/7 but for typical use it will be fine.

Your router is the first line of defense, though. Be sure it isn't using the default password it came with.
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