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As a non pro who was looking for a saw that does almost everything:

1) Belt drive so that the motor stays out of the way.
2) Quality sliding carriage
3) Quality, high accuracy, blade and carriage adjustment mechanism
4) Extremely rigid motor and blade drive mounting structure to reduce or eliminate flexing especially when the blade starts to get dull.
5) Quality arbor assembly - possibly user adjustable, to ensure no side to side movement of the arbor.
6) Reasonable size table, but with tool-less provisions to easily attach table extentions both to the front and to the side(s)
7) Tilting arbor for miter cuts
8) Table inserts or overlays (to bring the table surface level with the rear fence - the tile can thus hang over the rear of the table) to allow for cutting of tile larger than what the saw can normally accommodate.
9) Effective water supply system with ability to adjust water flow AT the blade shroud.
10) Maybe a quick water hose disconnect at the blade shroud, allowing for a zippy wash down of the table when tile bits accumulate.

For all these features I would gladly pay a premium price.

If I recall correctly my memory is excellent, but my ability to access it is intermittent.
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