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Question Davy

Thanks Davy:

I would think in the end I have 3/4 inch over the subfloor to work with. Most of my install will by 1/2 inch cement board and tile so that works out to 3/4 inch. Those areas would transition to wood floor or carpet. 3/4 inch for carpet works well.

So if I have 3/4 inches, are you saying I can run my wood strips, say 3/4 inch thick, directly on my subfloor (glued and nailed ?????) and then cut 12 by 12 pieces of cement board to thinset and screw to the subfloor for each separate tile? Hmm?, fussy, but then the whole project has to be precise and fussy.

originally I was thinking it best to have the cement board continuous under the whole mess. But then I need thin pieces of wood (3/8ish) and might have a hard time fastening it down.

Last question. Do you know how your work stood up to time and wear? Wonder about movement of so many individual pieces and the lack of continuous underlayment making for more up and down movement. Then again maybe individual movement and flexible chaulk might be very for giving.

Please comment and elaborate.

Thank you.
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