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Thanks for the response. I'll try to clarify

I finished the other bathroom, which turned out well. This is new bathroom renovation I am tackling in my basement. The bathroom was very small and had a 5ft tub/shower that was basically the width of the room. I tore down the wall that was at the foot of the bathtub alcove and expanded the bathroom another four feet.

Now I don't have an alcove ( I have a corner) with no wall at the foot of the tub to create the alcove. the tub is 5ft long, 30" wide, and 19" deep. I'd like to build a new short wall that is only two or three feet high at the foot of the tub rather than a full wall. I am concerned that such a wall would not be enough support for an alcove tub and looking for any tips from someone who has addressed this in the past.


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