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Some more questions

Thanks for the very helpful information! I did tons of research and looked at a lot of books but none provided those answers. I have a few more questions on the above (referring to the numbers above), if you don't mind:

1. I was going to have all of the floor tiles done first in the bathrooms and front entrance area, then the hardwood floors, then have the door jambs and trim installed and then the wall tiles. I didn't know about the undercut saw but I assume the tile guy would charge extra to do the required undercutting. So now I am wondering if people base the sequence on which trade is available first? (ie the tile guy might not be available to do the floors until after the trim guy does his work).

2. I am having the medicine cabinets custom made, and they will be recessed. As such, i guess the cabinet could designed and installed to be flush with the face of the tile (with the door face protruding on the surface of that) and have a lip or not (is a lip preferable?). This is a minimalist contemporary house and the medicine cabinet in one bathroom will be on the left side wall of the vanity (so you'd see the lip, if there was one, as you stand at the sink, or if there wasn't one you'd just see the side of the door only). Also, does one caulk or does one grout in between the cabinet, or cabinet lip and the tile, or do you just not do anything?

4. Would it make more sense to tile the whole wall behind the vanity, so that if I ever want to reduce the size of the vanity I wouldn't have bare drywall showing? Increasing the size of the vanity would not be a problem, of course. Do people typically not tile the whole back that is not exposed in order to save labour cost and materials?
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