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Wood, Trim & Tile Sequence - 4 Questions

1. In new bathrooms where you are tiling all of the walls, do you typically install the wood trim first around the doors and then tile to the trim? If so, then this means the tiler has to come twice - once to lay the floor so the wood trim and jambs can be put around the doorways and then again once the trim is up so he can tile to the door trim. Is there any other way to do this? (I'd hate to use temporary 'spacer' trim because when the jambs and trim are finally installed they could be off a bit, leaving a gap between the tile and the trim).

2. How about medicine cabinets, should they be in first so you can tile to them, or should you just tile to the medicine cabinet opening and put the medicine cabinets in after (and damn well sure the cabinets fill the entire opening).

3. How about mirrors? Does one just tile the whole wall, then install the mirror on top? Or, draw the mirror outline on the wall and tile to that outline so that you can set the mirror right on the drywall. I realize the latter gives a slightly different look and uses much less tile, but what is preferable?

4. Where the left or right side of a vanity is going up against a knee wall (which is higher than the vanity countertop), do you tile the entire knee wall, then install the vanity against the tile, or do you install the vanity and counter against the kneewall, then tile down to where wall meets the counter and the walls meets the vanity (less tile this way, but then again, you have to call the tiler back later once the vanities are installed).

5. For floors where the bathrooms have tile floors but the rest of the house is hardwood, do you install the tile first, then the hardwood floors, or the other way around? I was told tile first as it's easier to make a transition from wood to tile than tile to wood. But then someone disagreed with me. I guess there is less chance of damaging the hardwood floors if they are installed last, but which is easier to make the transition with?

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