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Question Install over old tile or remove tile (& bed) first?

Thanks for all the help so far! I ran accross this forum and it has been extremely valuable in planning my project (12 x 12 slate on 35 square feet of bathroom floor). Yes, I know that slate is hard to clean, etc... but my wife likes it so that is what is going down.

Anyway, I pulled the two layers of linoleum and found an original tile floor from 1947. This baby-blue-and-pink pattern is so ugly (and cracked in places) that I understand why it was covered, and once I started demolition I realized why it was never replaced! The tile is tightly bonded to a 3+" concrete base on tar paper, and I'm starting to think that it might be easier to remove the whole base rather than continue to try and work on the tile. The small amount of removel I have done has left damaged concrete below.

So finally to my question: Should I (1) tile on top of the existing tile floor which will raise the floor quite a bit, (2) chip away at the tile and add a leveling coat over the remaining concrete, or (3) pull up the whole tar paper & mesh slab and start with a clean subfloor?

A few notes:
  • This is the only bathroom in the house so I would like to minimize the downtime.
  • I've removed an original built-in cabinet which was NOT on the slab, so I have access to the edge of the slab and tile.

I really would appreciate any guidance you can provide as this is my first attempt and I am constantly running into things I did not expect.
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