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So it's better to safely overbuild than risk the Christmas Party Tile Massacre. Counting on everything being installed perfectly will never happen, henceforth a decent safety factor. The weighted roller test sounds like a fun IRL test, just not in my kitchen! Assuming around L/400 with just the subfloor conservatively, going to beef up the underlayment for safety.

So the plan is:

Install 23/32" (EXT or Exposure 1, will see what the local Lumber Yard has in stock) AC or BC ply over the subfloor, offset and strength grain perpendicular to the joists, screwed every 6", not glued, gapped with some caulk between the sheets.

Flexbond and 1/4" Hardiebacker on top of that.

A decent ceramic or porcelain tile as the final layer, install as required for that tile.

Work out a nice transition to the floor, probably Schluter Schiene edge then wide oak reducer stained to match the floor. The bathroom drops 7/8" with no bevel, so shooting for a much smoother transition.

Thanks again to jadnashua and CX, learning a lot!
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