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Originally Posted by S
Is there a better IRL test I can do for deflection...
Sorry, but what is an IRL test?

The ceramic tile industry requirements for subfloor structure are based upon design deflection standards. The requirements for the joist structure are based upon lumber industry data for various species and grades of wood for joists of various size and span and based upon standard live loading of a particular weight per square foot - usually 40 pounds per square foot for most residential applications - plus a dead load based upon the structure and anticipated floor covering.

The requirements for the subflooring are based upon actual testing of floor assemblies including the subfloor, a particular underlayment or substrate, tile and grout. The assemblies are then published as an installation method. There is no reasonable way to duplicate such testing on site after the floor is installed.

You want to construct, or modify, your floor structure to meet the published guidelines if you want a reasonable expectation of long term success. That is not to say other structures won't work, just that there is a much better chance of success if you use a structure known to meet the industry guidelines.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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