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Since the tile manufacturer is specifying a modified thinset mortar I would think Custom's Versabond or Flexbond will be fit for purpose. Both are available at Home Depot. They both are available in white or gray. Use white.

For the sealer; Custom's Aqua Mix Sealers Sealers Choice Gold. Don't expect that the sealer will penetrate the glaze on the tile, it won't, but it might get into the crackle enough to prevent the grout from getting into it - which is what you hope to achieve with the sealer.

Custom's Prism grout, or their Fusion Pro are solid choices that I've seen mentioned here dozens of time. Fusion Pro is a single component grout, comes pre-mixed in a bucket. Regardless of which you choose you might use the search feature of this forum to see what others here have to say about them.

Before committing to a grout it is good practice to create a test board. Use a piece of scrap drywall, mix up a tiny bit of thinset mortar, adhere maybe 6 of those tiles, seal them, then grout and clean them. That way you'll know if the grout will play nicely with the sealed crackle finish.

Don't forget to plan the layout of your tile. Considerations like centering the pattern at the sink, or at the cook top. If there is an inside corner to deal with. Or how to finish the ends of the tile runs where they don't but up against anything else.
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