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Mary, If I understand correctly, you have the counter top, then an existing 4" backsplash, and then you intend to install your tile above the 4" backsplash?

Same rules apply. You need to first determine if your existing backsplash is level. If it is, then you can proceed to set your first row of tile, on your recently scuffed painted wall, and leave a 1/8" +/- gap, that you will then fill with caulk after grouting the tile. The 1/8" caulked joint is needed to allow for differential movement between the wall and counter top/cabinets/floor.

If the 4" backsplash is not level you'll need to determine by how much. If it's just a little you might be able to absorb the difference within the 1/8" gap. If it's more than, say, 1/16th you may need to trim the bottom row of tile in order to ensure the horizontal grout lines are level.

Do you have a photo of your tile? If so use the little paper clip icon above this dialog box to attach a photo from your computer.
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