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Great insight. So if my 7th grade geometry doesn't fail me, to get a 24" diagonal opening I would need the long pane on the 52" side to be 36" while the plane coming out from the wall next to the window would be just 15" That would leave me with a 19" x 16" opening, of which the hypotenuse (our opening) would be 24.8". I would run kerdi membrane probably all the way from the opening to the back wall where the tub is now.

I am still toying with leaving the free standing tub out completely. We have another bathroom with a tub just down the hall. The space from the edge of the toilet to the window is only 77" I don't think anything bigger than a 65" or 67" tub will fit without looking cramped, and even then it may be. Plus I'm 6'5" and my wife is 6'0" and I just wonder if we'd even fit in a 67" tub. Not to mention we NEVER use the garden tub we have now and that's more spacious than a freestanding tub. I could use that wall space for a heated towel rack possibly and maybe some art work.
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