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Hate to hash your chill, Charlie, but first hand experience with my shower indicates, rather strongly, that a 24" panel on the closet end isn't going to cut it. Water is going to get on the floor.

The pony wall in my photo above is about 28" long, and the glass extends another 28" past that. When showering with only the head on the end wall the splashed water covers a good bit of the glass panel, less at the top and end, more concentrated lower and closer in. If that 28" long pony wall was a 28" long glass panel there'd be water, a lot of it, on the main floor. See photo.

Instead, perhaps what you could do - given your proposed layout and shower dimensions (51/34), is run the glass panel from the closet out to, oh, 39" and then the end panel off the wall to, say, 22". Didn't do the math so adjust those two number so the opening equals at least 24". I think the 39" will take care of it, and whatever little does make past will easily be taken care of by the bath mat - without it getting soaked.
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