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Originally Posted by Charlie
Don't all shower enclosures, whether they are curbless or curbed, frameless or framed need to be secured into the floor one way or another, potentially compromising some waterproofiing?
Yes, but if you're only talking about a fixed glass panel it doesn't need to be as securely mounted. A heavy, movable panel needs more reinforcement.

In the pic of mine I posted above the glass panel is secured at its outer most end by a single bracket on the floor, and that's only to prevent it from flopping about. The bracket is held in place by a short screw set in epoxy, and the hole was drilled only to a depth equal to the thickness of the floor tile, not through through the water proofing. The short screw acts only as a locating pin. The brackets do not support the weight of the panel at all; it actually rests on small, clear plastic spacers on the floor and on top of the knee wall.

A hinged door either hangs from the hinges which must support its weight, or rest on a bottom pivot which, in addition to supporting its weight, must also resist the twisting action of the hinge.

Placing the door at end near the tub; it doesn't appear to me that there's enough space because of the tub. Putting it there would also mean you'd have to walk all the way into the shower to turn the water on so you're likely to get wet and/or be cold until the water warms up.
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