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Don't all shower enclosures, whether they are curbless or curbed, frameless or framed need to be secured into the floor one way or another, potentially compromising some waterproofiing? But if it is addressed with kerdi fix or silicone caulk I figured it'd be ok. How would the panels be secured differently if I was using curbs?

I don't want a glass door hinged off a glass panel. To me that's a big no-no. I was thinking either hinged at the closet door or maybe even the door on the back of the shower toward the new tub. There is a window there but it's not like you can't pull the blinds to prevent flashing our back neighbors.

Well I'm glad I am not doing this until winter. So many things to think about and consider and plan. Quite overwhelming actually, as I haven't really gotten past the shower design yet.
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