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Yes, that's what I was thinking with the door. From an ergonomics point of view having the door swing past the front of the vanity is a challenge for whomever might be using that left side sink so if you have the space in the bedroom for the door to swing into it that would be better. It also depends on how you and Mrs. Charlie use the space; if the door is rarely used it might be a non-issue. If you don't want to change the swing, and decide to not make the shower and closet deeper, then changing the door to 24" will pick up some space at the front of the vanity and the door won't be much, if any, wider than the closet when opened against it, maintaining easy access to the shower.

Just tossing out some considerations.

I believe 36" between the front of the vanity and the front of anything else is generally consider a standard clearance for ease of movement through a space.

I think you're going to have a challenge with the shower door itself if you do the curbless design. Given the proposed dimensions of the shower, and the location of the shower head, the door is going to need a sweep (seal) on the bottom of it which is likely going to drag on the floor when opening and closing it, and will eliminate the option of a bath mat. Then there is the matter of hinging it. I think you'd have to hinge it on the closet side as I'm not sure you can hinge it on the glass side unless you secure the top of the panel it hinges from. A pivot hinge at the bottom might be a no-go as it would need to be screwed into the floor, likely compromising the water proofing. You might want to check into the options before you start building it out.
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