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It depends. Pre-fab'd split jambs often use small staples and glue to attach the casing to the jambs. If you're really careful to might be able separate the casing from the jamb with a thin but stout 4" putty knife but, in my experience, while you can save the jamb you'll trash the casing. In any case, you'll likely have to first make multiple passes with a razor blade knife to cut through the paint and, if there is any, caulk, before you even try separating the casing from the jamb. I've gotten pretty good at it, but it is tedious.

The door size; a 30" door for the bathroom is generous, a 24" door is the minimum. Your proposed shower is 34". Decreasing the door size presents an opportunity to increase the shower width, something you'll most certainly appreciate. I don't know what things look like on the other side of the door but if you can make it swing out of the bathroom instead of in that would help too. Just my opinion, natch.

Regarding the baseboard; to me it depends. I very much dislike when wood base board trim abuts a bathtub or otherwise dies into a tiled surface. But if you won't have any of that going on it would look fine. I opted for tile base for my MBR.
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