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I use spreadsheets for just about everything. I have a nice little spreadsheet I have set up for doing scheduling and project management. I do all my estimates and invoicing through my spreadsheets which I use macros to program a good bit of my data entry etc. I've set up some spreadsheets and use pivot reports to analyze my numbers. Some of this is automated through macros, some of it is manual entry. But I like my system because it's completely flexible (partly because I have a background in programming). I don't have any inventory but I'm sure you could create a nice spread sheet to do that too. Macros can be your friend if you learn how to use them to automate a good deal of your work.

I do like Punch Pro. It's inexpensive and does some nice work and it's easy to learn. I have done a few projects on there to let customer see what the finished product will look like if they can't visualize like you said.

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