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Thanks, Joe.

I wasn't aware that regular shut downs were a recommended thing these days. I thought that would cause the computer gods to strike you down!

I'm in the habit of turning mine off only when it's gonna travel somwhere, which is not so often now that I don't attend tile industry functions. But I've certainly got no problem shutting it down periodically if that is helpful.

Windows says it updated as recently as 09-28-21, so I figger I've got what I'm s'posta have. I think Jim's likely got his updates set on automatic, too, and that's why ol' Bill Gates turns it off for him in the middle of the night sometimes.

Seems my confuser is never quite the same as anybody else's computer. I went to that place in File Explorer and it gave me no option to see any temporary files. I did, I think, find another place that said it would clean out a whole lot of things, one being temporary files, so I checked alla boxes and it said it had done something. Did not give me any In Use signals, so not sure just what it did/did not do.

Originally Posted by Shawn
Are you sure there is not something wrong with the laptop itself?
Sorry, I missed your post earlier, Shawn. Short answer: Of course not, but it's only been online about 9 months, so it should be fully operational, still?


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