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Repair New Glass Tile Installation


Last night at about midnight I finished my first tile installation (of any kind). I installed a mosaic glass tile backsplash above the countertop in our kitchen. The tiles are 2" x 1" in the offset "brick."

This morning, on closer inspection, I've found probably 4 or 5 tiles in the ~30 sq ft of backsplash which are loose. Mostly places where I fudged with the alignment a little too later or where I failed to get a good layer of thinset under the edges, etc. (I think this emoticon is appropriate now: )

Trying to figure out what my next move is:

1) Leave them and try to caulk over them - when the caulk dries it should hold them to the other tiles, right? Several of them are still attached to the mesh "backing" so I can't see them going anywhere...

2) Try to peel them out without disconnecting other tiles and stick them back up with some 2-part epoxy or liquid nails or something else before I grout.

3) Try to work some hot glue or silicon in between the loose tiles and their surrounding tiles to stabilize before grouting.

4) Something else entirely...

Advice would be welcome. I'm not really game to chisel the whole thing off the while for a few loose tiles so I need to figure something out.

Thanks in advance!
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