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Stone installation

I am finally getting around to installing stone around my sealed combustion gas fireplace. Dry stack, cultured stone veneer. I have always gotten great tile advice on here and hoping you can point me in the right direction for my first stone install.

I have 1/2" durock screwed to studs. I will be adding lath and scratch coat, then stone on top of that. The questions I would appreciate advice on are:

1) Planning on using 1-5/8 lath screws instead of staples, so I get through the Durock into the studs. Any problem here?
2) What is best mix to use for scratch coat?
3) What is best mix to use for stone installation? Can't have any latex modifier in it according to FP manufacturer.
4) The stone has a range of colors (Eldorado Mountain Ledge Charleston). What is best tint color to use for mortar? And should scratch coat be tinted also, or I read trick of using bag to squeeze thin line of mortar against adjoining stones when installing to cover any visible scratch coat (I hate dry stack stone installs you see where all you see is big gaps and scratch coat between).
5) I have to cut Eldorado Chiseled Edge Hearthstone, and a cut edge will be visible. I have the color kit mix for this color... will I be able to hand chisel the cut edge and make it match the factory edges? Or is that very difficult if not impossible to do?
6) The stone looks dull in boxes... may be dust from manufacture? Before installed inside, should it be washed since it is not like outdoor where you can hit it with a hose afterward.
7) Any dry stack tips in general for getting the best final look?

I really appreciate any feedback from those who have learned the lessons already... so I don't screw up my project which I will look at every day for years!
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