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you guys are correct - the window can't open. I think they are not PVC since the framing made of metal, rather soft one. One a picture you can see a screw that attach metal casing that holds the glass assambly in place. Ice is out of question - I live in AL. I also do not see any cracks anywhere in the frame. Now I noticed I have the same problem in the opposite corner, however in a much less proportion. I do not know if it helps but this window has no bug screen attached.
If that's the case, he'll need to pull the holds out, remove the panel, clean the edges, apply sealant, reseat the panel, and reinstall the holds.
Lemme get it right:
holds - metal parts that screwed to the frame from the inside? right?
panel - glass part, right?
sealant?- what should I use? silicone? window caulk?

Thanks a lot, guys! You make me feel I can do it...
Andy, aka Tunafish
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