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Shower pan replacement

First as a newcomer, howdy to all.

So I just bought my first house (yay me) and for my first big project I decided to fix up the master stand-up shower. The company that flipped the house installed some lovely new tile, but left this disgustingly discolored and beaten-to-all-hell fiberglass shower pan. So I figured i'd rip it out and replace it with something i could put nice tile over, and while i'm at it extend the tile all the way to the ceiling.

So I went ahead and ripped out the old nasty shower pan (i'll provide pictures below), being careful not to damage any of the new tile. But now I'm debating what kind of new pan i should go with.

1. I like the idea of a curb free shower with a glass door, but afraid its not feasible without ripping up a foots worth of the floor tile to waterproof directly outside the shower (if that's still highly recommended even with a glass door).
2. Mud vs Foam (kerdi, Tile Redi, ect). I like the idea of how easy dropping in a foam pan sounds, but not sure how easy it will be to waterproof it since the cement board and tile are already installed. Mud seems like a better fit solution (though still not perfect) but again i worry about being able to waterproof it properly with the walls already completely installed.
3. Is the midst of taking out the old pan, I realized the contractor may not have used any kind of vapor barrier. There's nothing between the studs and the cement board, and I've found no indication of a membrane between the cement boards and thinset. Do i need to consider demoing all the shower tiles to install a vapor barrier?

Any and all advice is welcome. I'll do my best to answer any questions. Lurked through the Liberry all afternoon and watch hours worth of installation videos only to come to no real good conclusion.

Some picture below. The shower is 32x48, roughly an inch deep between the floor tile top and plywood floor. Base is 2 1/2" plywood boards supported by 9x1.5" beams spaced 14" apart.
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