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Problems with "professional" stacked stone veneer install on brick fireplace

So i was too lazy to do it myself, and got a professional to install stacked stone veneer on our old brick fireplace. They just left after 3 days and are 90% done and I am not so crazy about some of the results.

I have never worked with this type of stacked stone myself, so I am not sure what kind of gaps and tolerances are normal, but some seem to me that they are not acceptable.

Also, there are over a dozen spots where the corner of the stone has splintered off when they cut it. Again, is that acceptable with this type of material, or not?

Just curious what others have in experiences with these stone veneers. We used actual real stone (quarzite) that comes in 6inx24in panels, similar to this:
(thats homedpot, it wont let me post the link)

Im posting some pictures of the gaps and splintered pieces. Also on one side the edge/ transition to drywall seems very unfinished to me, and also has an inch wide gap.
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