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The logical solution is not to force mentally ill non-criminals to undergo treatment that may or may not work, but for the public to rally for reasonable regulations to make events like this harder to put into action.

There's no good reason for civilians to own tactical gear and/or assault weapons. You get into a situation where you need to defend yourself, you first try to remove yourself from harm and call for backup before pretending to be some hero from a Michael Bay movie.

The sale and purchase of firearms needs to be regulated to a more reasonable degree. After all, you have to pass two separate tests to drive a car, yet any non-felon can purchase a tool specifically designed to kill humans with no proof that they have the knowledge or capacity to use them wisely.

I am by no means anti 2A. I whole heartedly feel however, that anyone that wishes to own firearms be required to undergo training and testing, and be encouraged to practice regularly.
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