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Make your own softcover?

I hope I didn't break any rules by printing my e-book and putting it in a 3-ring binder. Presumably you could do the same and have it bound in softcover form...

I'm just finishing up the framing of our new shower, so have been reading the book in hopes of infusing my brain with Kerdi knowledge over the next few days.

This probably deserves a new thread, but what's so special about "deck mud" in the Kerdi shower? The objective would appear to be to create a smooth, properly-sloped surface, which should be doable with a not-as-stiff-as-deck-mud concrete.

(New thread #2) Has Schluter considered making a 2-part drain, so that part 1 could be set in place when building the deck, and part 2 (the flange) could be cemented into part 1 later? I've got long skinny fingers, but I'm not looking forward to the process John describes.
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