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Brian, thank you so much for your input. I am so glad to know the slate is not a good idea now rather than when it self destructs in 3 months!

Unfortunately the area is under the porch is not visible. We were actually under there a couple of summers ago redoing the footings and supports (got to love an old house) but did not think to measure the joists. The original joists in the rest of the house are 2x8 with 16 inch spacing so the porch ones may be the same. I can't find a mark on the pieces of plywood that are remaining. Most of the stuff I removed is marked exterior C-D, but a couple pieces are AC. I assume the pieces down are probably CD but who knows.

The slate is going right back to the store. If I were to brave using the tile would you recommend putting more plywood down before the datri?

Sounds like maybe I should put something down like laminate in a stone pattern (hopefully cheap)for now and maybe do a combine door/tile project in the future. If at that point I was to lower the joists is there a thickness of subfloor that would make tiles doable considering everything is based on the old porch floor or should I scrap the tile idea all together?
I guess I could always put the oak all the way to the door and invest in a heavy duty entry rug to protect it.
Once again thanks for helping me figure this out now rather than be sorry later.
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