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New saltillo tile pool patio whitish splash marks

Hi, we have recently had a pool installed in the Caribbean with saltillo tiles for the paved area around the pool and when we last visited after some remedial work had been done we noticed a number of areas which were covered in whitish swirl marks and/or splash marks. We tried just putting plain water on them and seeing if it was something on the surface which could be scrubbed off but to no avail. We had previously advised the contractors that they needed to remove some small white paint marks in a number of areas and they said they would get rid of them. We know that they have been using muriatic acid as some has been left on site plus we have seen them using something which we now assume was muriatic acid which caused steam to rise from the surface of the tiles (they said they were doing an acid wash). We have asked the contractors back again to remedy the situation but could the surface of the tiles be irreparably damaged if they have not used muriatic acid correctly? Any help or advice would be much appreciated. I have attached two photos to maybe help identify the problem. Many thanks. Cheers. Mike
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