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Unhappy with contractors work

I had a contractor come out to clean and reseal my outdoor Saltillo tiles. See the thread below for the before pictures.

He came out on Wednesday and cleaned the tile by utilizing chemicals. He then came back the next day and sealed with two coats of a "wet look" sealer.

I am happy with the way the sealer looks. It added a nice shine to the tile. The problem is that the tile and grout doesn't appear to have been cleaned properly.

There are still scuff marks and stains in the tile that were previously there. There is also still effloresence in some areas.

I was under the impression that he would be utilizing a machine to clean/buff the tile in order to remove all stains and scuff marks, however he did not. The only reason I hired out instead of doing the work myself is because I do not have access to a machine.

It should also be noted that the tile was sealed on Thursday and by the next morning it was raining outside. Is this enough time for the sealer to dry?

I called him and he is coming back next week to take a look at it. Any advice on what I should say to him and or what to expect?

Thank you
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