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My advice is as follows-The surface doesnt look like it has any heavy coatings on the surface. you can test the porosity by simply letting a palm sized puddle of water sit on the surface for 5/10 minutes and gauge the results after wiping the puddle away. Most likely it is sealed with some type of impregnator and possibly a topical. A high alkaline cleaner such as Klenzall may take degrade the sealers that are on the surface. Do a small area and test porosity again.
You may need a true stripping product to effectively remove the sealer(s) from the surface. You can also consider using a neutral cleaner which wont degrade the present sealer(s) but just clean the surface-then you can add some products-you have lots of options once you see if the stone is still absorbing.
I would go with the neutral cleaner-test your porosity-make repairs to the surface using patching compounds (google that up) and then consider using some products from sparks southwest. They have a some products for saltillo tiles that will work well. There is a lot of other products you can use as well.
Do the initial testing to find out whats on the surface and get back to us.
Then we can help you better.
Just want to say that my best advice is to hire a pro that has a lot of saltillo experience in your area. While it will cost you some bucks-you will get a much better result from someone in your area that knows this material well and has references to prove it.
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