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Saltillo advice

I recently purchased a new to me home. House was built in 07. Has an extensive amount of indoor Saltillo that is still in pretty good shape. The home also has a wrap around porch or "veranda" as my wife likes to call it. The porch is also done in Saltillo.

I am in Northern California so the tile sees temperature extremes from freezing to 105 degrees plus.

It appears to have been sealed at one point based on the water drop test. It absorbs at different rates throughout the porch.

In the areas where the previous owners had furniture and planters there is scratching and some stains. There also appears to be "lime pops."

During the winter when it's raining there was also Efflorescence in the ares that eventually popped or chipped.

I want to clean it and re-seal it. I don't expect it to look perfect but I would like it to look nice/clean and protect my investment.

I have read a hundred threads on here regarding the issue and my head is spinning with all of the advice.

I plan to purchase a heavy duty cleaner such as Klenzall to clean it and then seal it with possibly one of Aldon's sealers or whatever is recommended.

What will be the best way for me to clean the surface prior to sealing? By hand, with a buffer?

I would appreciate any advice.

Thank You

I will try to attach pics
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