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Worked for me!

I know this is too late to help in this situation, but this site has a great feature where related threads pop up when you are looking for something. So, this is just a comment in case anyone else reads this thread looking for information on removing extra grout.

I called tech support at Aquamix and they (and the bottle) said it has to be donee within 10 days of grouting, and if you aren't using it in your last bucket of cleaning water right after grouting, you have to use it full strength, agitate it with a nylon pad or brush when you put it on, and then let it sit for 5 minutes before removing it. I scrubbed it off before removing.

I used the Aquamix grout-haze remover after 7 days and used several differently-sized and different stiffnesses of nylon brushes (from tooth brushes to paint stripping brushes) to be able to get into different crevices and to be able to get into the corners. I used the stiffer brushes on rougher stones and a soft scratch-free scrubbie pad on the smoothest stones. None of the stones were scratched.

It wasn't easy. I did a small area at a time. I had to use both hands to apply enough pressure with the paint stripping brush on the roughest stones to be able to get into all the pits. I turned the brushes on edge to get into the crevices where the slate had clefts. In places where there was quite a lot of grout, I used the tip of a paint scraping spatula-looking thing to very carefully get under it after the stuff had soaked it for 5 minutes.

But it worked. The slate is bright now and the edges are clearly defined. The slate was India Lilac Autumn and there was no etching or anything else that might be attributed to a bad chemical reaction to the cleaner. My right hand won't close all the way yet, but I feel it was very worth it.

click here for the technical info on the stuff

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