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Alright, so unfortunately because the builder is paying for this repair I didn't get much say in which contractor was selected or what methods / materials were used. The restoration company was convinced there's no need to start over so I just said the hell with it and let them continue on top of that sloppy job. I did insist they hire a different tile company, so at least I won that battle.
Unfortunately, while the tile job is now complete, standing on the shower floor feels extremely is uneven and "wavy". And though I think the intention was to have a slope towards the drain, my previous shower was far more flat and comfortable to stand in. Please tell me this is normal and that I don't need to start over, because frankly this 2 month long project is now really getting on my nerves...

Here's a photo of the "finished" product, not shower if the issue comes through in the photo though.

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