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Welcome back, Dan.

I think your thread is not getting a lot of comment primarily because we're a ceramic tile information site rather than a home repair site. The repair of that window is well beyond the scope of our forum, and while some of us would, and have, taken on projects like that, you're looking at part of a book to describe what might/might not need to be done there. And I'm sure there are books out there that might be helpful.
Originally Posted by Dan
Does the window have to be removed or can it be fixed in place?
That I can help with. There is no effective way to deal with that repair without removing the window. It being at a third floor level raises the stakes considerably, but does not at all change the requirements.

The window was clearly not properly weather-stripped on the outside when originally installed, and you can't tell for sure whether the framing was destroyed from within or without or both. Looks like same fella might have done the dry-in of the building and the shower.

I see a bucket lift or scaffolding in your future.

My opinion; worth price charged.

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