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Master Bath Renovation

With this project basically done (just need to install a shower glass door) its time for the next project.

It's a master bath on a 3rd floor of a 10 year old town home. The shower failed a few weeks after we moved in about a year ago and has been out of service ever since. its a shame the home inspector missed it. After a few weeks a few tiles on the shower floor started to wobble and moisture and mold started to appear on the drywall next to the shower. I told the wife I am going to repair it and will keep going until i don't see any more mold. When she came to check on the progress after a few hours the entire shower was ripped out! The whole thing was beyond saving. The whole development suffered from the same issue. Pretty much every master bath failed the same way. Some were repaired, some didn't and remain unusable (which is a shame). How the builder got away with it is beyond me. Text book example of how not to build a shower. My untrained eye noticed at least 5 very wrong things. I think you'll enjoy seeing the failure points but first here are some overview pics taken right after the demo.
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Much like this project, my posts are still under construction

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