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Home Addition with Master Suite & Shower

Hello everyone! We are in the middle of a home addition. We are adding a half bath along with a master suite. My plan all along has been to use the Kerdi Shower Kit (already purchased) in the master suite since I had such good luck with it during a bathroom remodel a few years back.

Framing is done and we are on to plumbing. The plumber did a walk through last week and is supposed to start Wednesday or Thursday this week. During his walkthrough, he said that it would be helpful to have the shower base and drain installed before plumbing is run. He has never worked with Kerdi and has no experience with it at all. Everything I have seen (at least so far) shows the installation of the shower base going in after drywall is in.

So, any advice? Do I:
A) Install the shower base up against the framing adding a (1/2"-1" to my overall dimensions to account for drywall on 3 sides) and then run the drywall down to the top of the base? (Not sure if the drywall should come to the top of the base but I guess if it is all waterproofed it may not matter)
B) Install the base 1/2" away from the framing and run the drywall alongside it when the time comes (seems like a bad idea as it will be harder to screw the drywall to the wall plate)
C) Push back with the plumber and have him just run plumbing to where I mark where the drain will eventually be. (Not sure on how precise this has to be and if will run into issues later)
D) Something I haven't thought of yet.

For reference, I am attaching a sketch of the bathroom layout (mostly to scale).
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